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Why Harvard Excelerate

We understand that businesses face challenging times and often struggle to decide where to invest for results. With a cloudy landscape, too many options, and new agencies popping up every day, we’re here to provide clarity and help you succeed in the digital space.

Our Origin Story

Harvard Excelerate has a rich history spanning 40 years. Starting as a family-owned business in broadcast and traditional media, we’ve evolved into a complete digital solutions company to better serve local businesses like yours.

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The Hill Family

Harvard Broadcasting has a robust business history dating back to 1903 when the Hill family sold land where the Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings now stand. In 1977, the CRTC approved the sale of CKCK-TV to Harvard, marking the birth of Harvard Broadcasting.

Harvard Media - Hill Group of Companies

Expansion Into Digital

Over the years, Harvard has expanded its radio station portfolio and now boasts 13 radio stations across 7 communities in Western Canada, including Calgary and Saskatchewan. In January of 2020, Harvard welcomed a team of experts in digital marketing from Carbon Marketing to join their team and take their services to the next level. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for Harvard, as they transformed into Excelerate – a complete digital solutions provider. 

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Our Core Values

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Guiding Principles

Who We Serve
and Their Needs

Harvard Excelerate caters to local businesses of all sizes, including automotive companies, contractors, electricians, HVAC, landscaping, plumbing and roofing.

We meet your needs by offering a unique blend of traditional and new school advertising solutions, focusing on generating leads, sales, and exposure while saving time and providing education.

What Sets Us Apart

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Supporting Local
Communities Across
Western Canada

With over 2500 local businesses across Western Canada entrusting their digital solutions to Excelerate, we have become the trusted experts in all things digital. Our commitment to our roots in traditional media is unwavering, and we are dedicated to helping local businesses improve online presence and simplify their digital operations. With a staff of over 220, Excelerate is excited to continue serve customers and build new partnerships for years to come.

How Havard Excelerate Is Different

We help your business shine in every area of the online customer journey. Whether it be awareness, findability, reputation or conversion. Our services ensure that you generate results from your marketing investments.

No Long-Term

We earn your business
every single month.

Proven Track

In 40 years of business, we’ve partnered with over 2,500 businesses in western Canada

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We Win When You Win

A results-driven digital marketing agency committed to your success.

Obsessed About Our Clients Return On Investment

We focus on the most impactful strategies to maximize your results.

Meet The Team

Dayna Mitchell Media Marketing Consultant
Dayna Mitchell

Media Marketing Consultant

Dana Poland- Calgary - Media Marketing Consultant
Dana Poland

Media Marketing Consultant

Anthony Gallace

Director of Metro Sales

Tory Reade - Sr Digital Sales Manager
Tory Reade

Sr Digital Sales Manager

Ashley Shears

Media Marketing Consultant

Emily Portinari

Customer Success Team Lead

Mardi Getti

Media Marketing Consultant

Cat Jones

Market Sales Manager

Jenna Longaphie

Media Marketing Consultant

Eric Tiessen

Market Sales Manager

Al Lucas

Media Marketing Consultant

Colin Laird

Media Marketing Consultant

Farhad Foroughi

Graphic Designer

Landon Van Everdink

Media Planner/Customer Liason

Cindy Michel

Media Marketing Consultant

Dene Braaten

Media Marketing Consultant

Morgan Davis

Customer Success Team Lead

Kyla Bolt

Media Marketing Consultant

Darien Soyta

Media Marketing Consultant

Zak Rempel

Director of Sales

Kim Diller

Retail Sales Supervisor

Alex Smith

Director of Business Development

Amani Muftah

Sr Financial Analyst

Alison Horrigan

Media Marketing Consultant

Bonnie Day

Sr Digital Sales Manager

Leah Reinhardt

Sr Digital Sales manager

Madison Sabourin

Customer Success Team Lead

Keith Spanier

Retail Sales Supervisor

Lousie Buckmaster

Sales Enablement

Ryanne Bauman

Account Executive

Devin Cannon

Media Marketing Consultant

Barney Shynkaruk

Key Account Manager

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